Trade Name : Putra Papua Tours & Travel, Ltd
Legal Name : PT. Putra Papua Tours
Year of Established : 2006
Name of director : Edison Meliala
License : 503/1459/SET
NPWP : 02667640.0.952.000

Bankers :
Bank Danamon Jayapura branch
Account Number (USD): 662.53.899
Account Name: Edison Meliala

Address :
Jl. Hom-hom, No. 5 Wamena
Papua (Irian jaya) – Indonesia.
Tel : +62 – 969 – 31540
Fax : +62 – 969 – 31900

Hours of Operation: 08.00am – 05.00pm
Out of office hours: Mobile/WhatsApp: 0813 441 45427 (24 hours)  Contact person: Mr. Edison Meliala 

Our company absorbs experienced staffs and knowledgeable guide beyond Papua (Irian Jaya) along with mutual services is our priority. Hiking-adventure-trekking-sightseeing and cultural journeys are our characters. We have experience to explore Irian jaya and Papua Jungle with local guides who knew mountain and jungle of Irian Jaya area very well.

Edison Meliala is one of the most respective and experienced tour guides in Papua, and also he is the only one who graduated from Hotel and Tourism Academy who run the Travel Agent in Papua. He has been living and mingle with the natives since 1990 until today in Baliem valley (Wamena). He had been traveled and adopted by a numbers of tribes in Papua, that’s why many friends of him called Edison Meliala “King of Expedition” Adventure and trekking to mysterious of different cultures and faraway places with sensitivity and respect with 28 of years of leading in to the heartland of Papua. He always received warm welcome from many people in whole Papua.
Bebas Sembiring is another extensive experience in travel business both from guiding and the
operational perspectives, make him one of the top guide in Papua. He loves the indigenous people, their traditional and cultures make any trip with special by him.

Antoni Sitepu had also some great experiences in guiding in Baliem valley, Yali of the highland, Korowai (tree house) and Asmat, he had also experience working with an INGO in health sector in around Papua for more than 5 years.

While trekking our company arranges to set up the private high quality water proof tents when needed to make you warm and feel comfortable inside as possible, and you will sleep in comfort on a Therm Rest. Our cooks have been trained in well and they know well outsider foods.